Friday, 28 September 2012

Jemima J by Jane Green

I first read this book in my secondary school years on the recommendation of a friend. Once I had read her copy of it, I went out and bought my own. Since then I have read it countless times; it never fails to inspire and uplift me on dull days.

Jemima J is fat, under-appreciated and unhappy. She hates the way she looks, is jealous of most of the women around her including her best friend Geraldine and has a terrible crush on her journalist colleague Ben. But when Jemima discovers the Internet and strikes up with an online romance with an American hunk, she decides to lose weight and reinvent herself so she can go and meet him.

As you follow Jemima's rollercoaster journey of change you find she is a very easy character to get attached to. The small but snappy cast around her also add to the fun. My favourites include glamourous bestie Geraldine, and Jemima's two Cinderella's-ugly-sisters style housemates. I also enjoyed the style of writing. The book mainly employs Jemima as the narrator, but we also see things from Ben's point of view as he becomes more prominent in the story, and there is also a stand alone narrator who chips in now and again which I quite liked.

Overall, this is an easy to read book to brighten any rainy day.

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