Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Origin by J.T. Brannan

Deep under the ice caps of the Antarctic, research scientist Lynn Edwards and her colleagues make the discovery of a 40,000 year old body. Lynn and her team are both astounded and excited by their discovery but this is short-lived, as they are swiftly targeted for execution and Lynn just about manages to escape.  

Scientist, now turned fugitive, Lynn seeks out help from her ex-husband Matt Adams; a former government operative with a unique skill set of his own. The reunited couple find themselves on the run from very powerful people, as they try and solve the secret of the body that is valuable enough to warrant not only their deaths, but potentially millions more. 

This is not only a fast paced, action packed adventure; it is also an intelligent exploration of the origins of mankind. So much research has clearly gone into this and is well written into the storyline. Places of note visited in the book include Area 51 in America and the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva. There was also The Nazca Lines in Peru which I had personally never heard of until reading this – so maybe you might learn something new in reading this too! Lynn and Matt make a great couple; Lynn the clever and resilient heroine and Matt her loyal and strong hero. I found myself willing them to make it through every hurdle that was put in front of them which I thought helped move the story forwards and made it quite exciting. 

This is a great mix of adventure, conspiracy theory, science fiction with even a bit of religion and mythology thrown in. Origin is a cleverly satisfying read that will set your mind and your pulse racing!

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