Monday, 11 February 2013

The Chameleon's Shadow by Minette Walters

After suffering severe head injuries in Iraq, Lieutenant Charles Acland finds himself recovering in hospital with some memory loss. Despite help both medical and psychiatric help from his doctors he continues to show extreme aggressive tendencies, especially towards women. 

Unable to rejoin the army, he abandons his life and moves to London, angry, disfigured and alone. Meanwhile police are investigating a spate of murders that display motivations of extreme rage, but so far the police have no leads. Not long after leaving hospital, Charles loses his temper in a London pub, ending in a brawl that draws the police’s attention to him. 

After that it seems that at every turn Charles has links to aspects of the ongoing case. With the help of new acquaintances, including a body building female doctor, Charles must confront the issues surrounding his dark personality as well as dealing with the after effects of his injuries, whilst the police sniff around him like hungry dogs. He is labelled violent and a chameleon by his ex-fiancée who appears to stir up trouble although his recent actions seem unable to prove some of her opinions about Charles wrong. Time is running out for the victims, for the police and for Charles who are all bound together by the disturbing crimes.

Minette Walters has produced another gripping thriller. All the characters are so well crafted and layers of events pile up to make you race to the end to uncover the killer, and the fate of damaged but cunning Charles Acland. An incredible psychological crime thriller from a well established talent in this genre. 

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