Friday, 22 March 2013

Sky Song by Sharon Sant

Teenager Jacob Lightfoot thought he had been living a seemingly normal life for the past fifteen years, until his world is turned upside down with the appearance of a mysterious stranger. He learns that the life he has been living has been a lie and with his new identity there comes not only power but unimaginable danger to himself and the people he cares about most. 

Jacob, with his colour-changing eyes, finds himself embroiled in the power struggle of an ancient race and his fate is wrapped up in that of another world’s whether he likes it or not. As he fights to come to terms with his newly discovered destiny, he is also attempting to keep hold of his normal life; attending school and hanging out with his best friends Ellen and Luca. 

The story centres around Jacob’s normal life with visits into his otherworldly future, and the crossovers between the two highlight the peril he faces and the sacrifices he will have to make, which is all very exciting to read. I love the idea of Jacob’s colour changing eyes, dependent on how he is feeling. It kind of reminds me of those colour change mood rings you could get years ago! I liked his relationship with his friends in the story and how they get caught up in his unwanted adventure. It will be interesting to see how the characters develop over the series. 

Sky Song is the first book in The Sky Song trilogy and more information about the books and other literary goodness can be found on Sharon Sant’s interesting blog. I thought this was entrancingly written, with a nice balance of sci-fi, drama and realism, and is overall a terrific story. 

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