Monday, 22 April 2013

Love is Blind by Kathy Lette

Two sisters have very different takes on life. Anthea is beautiful and has a seemingly perfect life in London with her gorgeous fiancé. Ugly duckling Jane is her sister’s polar opposite and is desperately looking for love. So Jane takes drastic action and decides to move to Australia to find a husband. 

Anthea is horrified to receive a wedding invitation in the post only a few weeks later, and so rushes out to Australia in a bid to save Jane from making a big mistake. However her welcome into Oz was not what she had in mind and the outback adventure she finds herself on will certainly leave a lasting impression. 

This story is funny and heartfelt. Throwing a prim and proper character like Anthea into the Australian outback was truly amusing to read. The characters were all entertaining and the Aussie setting provided the unpredictable backdrop for the sisters’ self discoveries.

 Love is Blind is part of the Quick Reads set which comprises of stories that are easier to read and shorter than standard novels but are just as great. Cheerful and entertaining, Love is Blind is a really fun read; a perky pick-me-up in 100-odd pages! 

For more information about Quick Reads check out my post about the literary charity and the other books they have available. 

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