Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Plague Nation by Dana Fredsti

Hordes of undead have been defeated in Redwood Grove, California, but it looks as though the outbreak has failed to be contained. Spread from a virus known as Walker’s Flu, it seems set to sweep the nation. 

Enter zombie-butt kicking heroine Ashley Parker, whose tongue is as sharp as her sword. She is a “wild card”; part of a select few who are immune to the virus and gifted with enhanced speed, strength and senses. She has joined a military organisation trying to contain infected areas. 

As well as taking out very zombie she can find, Ashley and her colleagues undertake a dangerous mission escorting the very doctor that started it all to San Francisco lab in a bid to discover a cure. However it is not just zombies that Ashley and her colleagues need to worry about, as a more human enemy seems set to sabotage their plans. Huge responsibility is placed on the wild cards because if they fail, not only could they lose the ones they love, but the contagion could spread across the world. 

This is not just a thrilling zombie novel; it is also jam packed with pithy one liners and peppy geek humour. There are lots of references to popular culture and Ashley Parker is both sassy and smart, which provides huge entertainment factor alongside the buckets of gore and gunfire. Plague Nation is the second book of the Ashley Parker zombie trilogy but fear not if you haven’t read the first book (I haven’t), you can dive straight in and it doesn't detract from the story. Ashley Parker is to zombies as Buffy is to vampires, and this is an ideal read for horror/humour fans.

If this has whet your appetite for a slice of entertaining zombie action then have an exclusive read of Chapter Two!

Plague Nation, by Dana Fredsti. £6.99, 26th April 2013, Titan Books.

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