Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Glamour Book Club Live Event

On Wednesday 3rd of July I attended the first ever Glamour Magazine Book Club in London. The sold event promised an evening of champagne and book chat featuring popular authors Jessica Ruston and Adele Parks, and it totally delivered.

It was held at The Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design which was a stylish venue to say the least. There was champagne and canapés set out in an open white room where people were already mingling when I arrived.

Almost straight away I met BookMinx who runs the Books and the City website, and also Georgina Moore, Publicity Director at Headline publishing, both of whom were lovely. I also got to meet the vivacious Adele Parks who wasn't at all shy at introducing herself and chatting away as if we knew each other. We were then ushered into another stylish room to begin the event. The panel consisted of Adele Park, Jessica Ruston and also Jo Elvin, Glamour Editor and Natasha Poliszczuk, Glamour Assistant Editor.

Both authors talked about their new books. Jessica Ruston’s latest novel The Lies You Told Me is a gripping, psychological study of the secrets we keep and the lies we tell the people we love. Adele Parks’ newest book The State We’re In is a powerful story about the interlinking lives of two complete strangers.

Both authors discussed their influences, their writing styles and how their books come to being. They also discussed their views on female writers and how often any book written by a woman is automatically dubbed “chick-lit” when actually it is not and that the overused term actually encompasses a varied spectrum of literature that could be labelled differently. I found this stem of the discussion particularly interesting and the many aspects of commercial women’s fiction; including labels and stereotypes is definitely something I would love to explore further another time.

The discussion was articulate, fun and engaging. Afterwards the two fab authors stayed on to sign books as the goodie bags were handed out. The goodie bags were amazing; including books from both authors and a host of lovely treats. This was a hugely enjoyable event and I can’t wait until the next Glamour Book Club!

Glamour Book Club Goodie Bag

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