Monday, 16 September 2013

Nevermore by David Niall Wilson

On the borderline of North Carolina and Virginia stands the Lake Drummond Hotel where a gifted artist and a writer meet one dark and fateful night that will change their lives forever. 

The artist, Lenore, has the ability to see spirits trapped within trees and sometimes within other objects, and she draws them to set them free. She meets the writer Edgar Allan Poe whose travelling companion is a crow named Grimm after the fairytale writing brothers. 

Together they are drawn into the old legends and fantastical secrets of The Great Dismal Swamp, where spirits are trapped but not all should be set free. Nevermore is set in 1800s America blending history, romance and the paranormal into a dark tale of magic and mystery. 

There are references to folktales, Poe’s works and Grimm fairytales, which I always love in literature. It takes a talent to be able to mix the works of Grimm and other legends into a unique tale of its own and I think that was achieved very well here. 

The story is wonderfully descriptive and I particularly enjoyed the imagery of Lenore’s drawings to reveal and then release the trapped spirits, which I thought was a distinctive and elegant aspect of the story. I've only recently started becoming more familiar with Edgar Allan Poe’s work after reviewing Beyond Rue Morgue. Nevermore is one version of how Poe came up with his famous poem “The Raven”. 

I love the gothic, dark elements incorporated into the tale including ravens, witches, spirits, and the spooky lake setting was the perfect location for the otherworldly occurrences. This story really did tick a lot of boxes for me and I finished it in one sitting. Nevermore is full of intrigue and atmosphere and well worth a read. 

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