Friday, 13 September 2013

Tempting Fate by Jane Green

As something of a Jane Green fan I was hugely excited to be given the chance to review her latest book. Leading lady Gabby has a secure marriage, lovely daughters and good friends. 

But as she feels her youth slipping away she becomes restless, and when she gains the attentions of a young, sexy and successful man it only takes one reckless moment to destroy all that is important to her. In the aftermath of one fateful decision, can Gabby return to the life she once had or will her betrayals ruin her life for good? 

I raced through this novel, I found it utterly compelling. Although it is fairly easy to predict the course of the action, you still end up getting emotionally caught up in the characters’ lives. Jane Green has a way of writing that is honest and emotive that really makes you care for the characters involved and the outcome of the story. 

Gabby was both a lovable and frustrating character and I was rooting for her all the way. It was almost addictive to be privy to the intimate details of her marriage to Elliott, the events that unravel it and the consequences of her actions. 

Jane Green is hailed as “women’s fiction royalty” and it’s a book like this that proves that statement correct. Jemima J is still my favourite Jane Green book ever but Tempting Fate is still a great example of women’s literature at its best. 

It is a fascinating and heartbreaking insight into the sanctity of marriage, the bonds of family and the cost of thoughtless actions that affect those issues. Entertaining and riveting, Tempting Fate is a must read for fans of this genre. 

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