Thursday, 24 October 2013

Omens by Kelley Armstrong

Has anyone else read any of Kelley Armstrong’s Otherworld books? My mum bought the first book Bitten back in the early noughties and we were hooked ever since. So I was very excited to learn that Armstrong is starting a new supernatural set. 

Omens is the first book in the new Cainsville series about a strange little town full of secrets both unnatural or otherwise. We are introduced to society girl Olivia Taylor-Jones who’s seemingly perfect life is turned upside down when she learns she is actually Eden Larsen, the daughter of a famous serial killing couple. 

She ends up leaving her home, her family and fiancé for the little town of Cainsville in the hope of lying low from the press while she digests the news. But after meeting her estranged mother, she teams up with man-mountain lawyer Gabriel to look more closely at the murders her biological parents allegedly committed, dredging up all sorts of secrets and conspiracies along the way. 

I’ve always enjoyed how Armstrong writes her characters; all memorable and individual, string female leads alongside strong confident males (Olivia and Gabriel have a dynamic much like Elena and Clay of the Otherworld series minus the lycanthropy!). 

The town of Cainsville is like something from a Stephen King novel; bursting with secrets and strangeness. Although Olivia’s quest for the truth about her parents is the main storyline, there are many intriguing offshoots featuring the Cainsville inhabitants just waiting to be uncovered. 

Throughout the story Olivia sees omens; crows and ravens, black cats, poppies and such which tantalising hint at some things yet to pass. As well as being irresistibly supernatural, it is also a compelling psychological thriller. 

If you've never read Kelley Armstrong before I urge you to give this a try. Clever and captivating, like the portents scattered throughout, Omens should definitely not be ignored. 

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