Monday, 20 January 2014

Red Country by Joe Abercrombie

“Joe Abercrombie is doing some terrific work" – George R.R. Martin

When a book is endorsed by the amazing in his own right, author of epic series Game of Thrones, you know it’s got to be good!

Red Country introduces us to butt kicking, bad mouthed, alcohol swilling heroine Shy South, who returns home one day to find her house burned, her family dead and her young brother and sister stolen. With her loyal, gentle giant of a step father Lamb, by her side, she sets off in pursuit. 

Along the way they meet up with a travelling fellowship and an epic journey across an unforgiving terrain begins, pushing the varied cast of characters to their limits. As well as the dangers of the open road, Shy and Lamb find that the past has a nasty habit of catching up with you, however long or fast you run from it. 

As well as Shy and Lamb’s stories, we are also passengers on the trail of a band of mercenaries; led by a washed up, pompous leader, they are a motley crew of the worst kind of men, but there feckless adventures and bloody campaign make for entertaining and exciting reading. 

I was new to Abercrombie when I started this book, and can’t believe I have been missing out on his awesome fiction for so long. Plenty of gutsy violence and action orchestrated by well developed characters that you can easily visualize and feel for. 

I’m a sucker for a well written heroine, and sassy Shy South definitely fit the bill for a great female lead that held her own amongst the selection of strong characters in this book. The settings are intelligently described and there are wondrous one liners that add punch to the prose. 

The characters don’t have it easy by a long shot, but the story as a whole is well paced and the action relentless. I loved all the main players in their own ways, and liked how the whole story was concluded. This is an awesome novel from a bestselling author that I seriously cannot wait to read more of. 

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