Friday, 10 January 2014

The Silvered by Tanya Huff

My mother and I are big fans of Tanya Huff already (we have all the critically acclaimed Blood books) so we were both hugely excited when I was give the chance to review her new werewolf novel The Silvered. 

In this military-fantasy, the ancient mountain kingdom of Aydori is ruled by werewolf Packs and their mage spouses. But the power crazed emperor from the nearby empire has declared war on all magic. 

Following a riddle prophecy from insane soothsayers, he sends his armies out to destroy the werewolves and kidnap six mages who may hold the key to his empire’s grandeur or ruin. 

With the Pack men away on the front line of war, and the rest of Aydori fleeing for their lives, it falls to the younger brother of the Pack Leader, Tomas Hagen, and low level mage Mirian Maylin to enter the enemy territory and rescue the mages before the emperor can make use of the strange prophecy. 

The world that Tanya Huff has created within this novel blew me away. I loved the concept of the werewolf/mage couplings. The mages all had a range of powers linked to the elements and the coloured flecks in their eyes signified their power which I really liked. As well as the fantasy and military components, I also loved the steampunk inclusions. 

The lead characters are thrown into the deep end of peril and their journey is a tough one. I liked that they both struggled and made wrong decisions and so their characters grew organically throughout the story, rather than becoming heroes overnight. 

I loved the Pack-mages, a strong group of powerful women who in the face of danger were still loyal and strong for each other. There is lots of blood, action and adventure, with a touch of romance thrown in as well. 

I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing a few titles from Titan Books where the novel is a mixture of genres, and The Silvered is a prime example of original storytelling covering a mix of bases. The Silvered is a gripping, wonderfully supernatural, epic quest that will enchant and excite you from start to finish. 

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