Sunday, 2 February 2014

Burn by Julianna Baggott

I was so excited for this book. Too excited really! Burn is the third and final book in the epic Pure trilogy, Julianna Baggott’s epic dystopian series that has set the YA scene ablaze with glowing reviews! 

Pure introduces us to a post-apocalyptic world that has been devastated by Detonations and divided the population into two main groups: Pures and Wretches. Pures are a select elite community, unharmed by the Detonations who live safely in a protective Dome. Wretches are everybody else who survived outside the dome, fused to whatever (or whoever) they were closest too at the time, struggling to survive daily dangers in the ruined outside world.

We meet Pressia, a wretch, and Partridge, a Pure who lives in the Dome, whose lives so distant from each other are about to become forever intertwined, after Partridge escapes from the Dome. 

The second book, Fuse, takes us deeper into the ruined landscape, and we get deeper into the characters’ individual stories. As Pressia and Partridge discover more about their shared past, present and possible future, it seems as if more secrets and riddles present themselves at every turn, and those secrets are potentially life changing. 

Now, Burn sees Partridge back in the Dome and seemingly in the seat of power, but he struggles to come to terms with his new status and who to trust. Meanwhile, back outside the Dome, Pressia and her loyal companions are returning from their own adventure, with a miraculous cure for wretches as well as the means to destroy the Dome forever. 

Friendships and relationships are tested and pushed to the limits in this whirlwind last installment. I've said it before but I’ll say it again; the world that Julianna Baggott has built between these novels is astoundingly inventive and utterly unforgettable. 

I especially love the tribe know as the Mothers; hardy, warrior women fused to their children who have adapted to be unforgiving and strong in such a harsh environment. I've ended up becoming attached to all the characters and you almost feel their pain as they struggle to live and just survive. I loved the convoluted web of characters both in and out of the Dome that you don’t know are goodies or baddies, which made it so exciting and a complete page turner! 

I’m glad that I've finally read the last book but also sad that it has come to an end. The whole Pure trilogy is an absolute must read for not just YA fans, its compelling for all readers, and now I think I’ll have to read them all back to back and enjoy them all over again!

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