Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Miami Requiem by J.B. Turner

It seems like I haven’t sunk my bookworm teeth into a crime fiction novel for a while, so I was very happy to get a hold of Miami Requiem by J B Turner. 

It tells of rookie journalist Deborah Jones who strives for a chance to tell the story of William Craig, an 82 year old, WW2 hero on death row for the murder of the man that raped his granddaughter. The man he murdered was also the son of a high profile senator. 

When Deborah starts her story and meets William Craig for herself, she is determined to fight for his name and get him moved from death row. Her investigations draw lots of unwanted attention to herself, as the senator gets his legal team and other powerful friends to try and stop her, but she carries on regardless, even when her own life is put on the line. 

As she meets more innocent people affected by or involved in the case, she also finds that her own personal history makes the difference between giving up and fighting for justice. The deeper you get into the story, the web of secrets, lies and cover ups and their reveals builds tension and adds drama. 

I really liked the character of Deborah as female lead; a headstrong, determined young woman who uses her wits and courage to achieve her goals. I also enjoyed how the story goes into different character’s lives which made it even more interesting. 

The humid Miami setting was a slick backdrop for the story; filled with legal loopholes and power struggles between politics and the media which provided a compelling assault course for Deborah to traverse, which made for exciting reading. There is a lot of strong subject matter; rape, race, political and social injustice, but the story presents these issues tactfully and intelligently. 

The prose was clever and gripping, whilst also being easy to read. It didn’t take me long to read this book at all, and I think it would be a great addition to any crime fiction fans bookshelves. 

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