Sunday, 16 March 2014

Stalk Me by Richard Parker

After reading crime thriller Scare Me by Richard Parker last year, I was stoked to get the chance to read new book Stalk Me before wide release. 

Stalk Me begins with a car crash in France. Married couple Luc and Beth are involved in a terrible collision and Beth wakes up amidst the chaos to find a party of school students filming their ordeal. She tries to attack them before falling into a coma. 

When she regains consciousness and learns of the tragedy that has befallen her, she is also shocked to learn that the students’ footage has gone viral and she is the talk of the internet. 

There seems to be no trace of the driver that they collided with, and Beth uses the internet clips to try and piece together what happens. But as she starts her investigations, someone else is also interested in the clips, and is brutally murdering those that uploaded the material.

Beth is drawn into a web of secrets and cover-ups where she uncovers not only the truth of the accident, but things about her life that she never knew. Her mission takes her back to the crash site, home to England and even to America, where a fight for answers soon becomes a fight for her life. 

I always like how Richard Parker tells the story from the main character’s view, but also from the killer’s. The difference in perspective makes it more exciting and interesting to read. The murders are always brutal and different which is a great feature for a crime novel. 

Beth is a solid, realistic lead; she is strong but real, she makes mistakes and is sometimes lead by her heart rather than her head. I also liked how the action takes place in several locations which makes it more compelling and gives more dimensions to the story. 

This didn't hook me in as quickly as Scare Me did (Scare Me really did blow me away in the crime thriller stakes) but by the second half of the story, as all the bits started coming together, I couldn't wait to see how it all wrapped up. 

This is an action packed, cleverly exciting story that will twist and turn its way to the end. Crime fiction readers definitely need to add Richard Parker to their reading lists if they haven’t already. 

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