Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Unwoven by Jack Croxall

It was back in March 2013 (seems so long ago!) when I first read and reviewed Tethers by Jack Croxall, the first installment of his YA trilogy. 

In Tethers we are introduced to teenagers Esther and Karl who, after discovering a mysterious journal, are thrust into an adventure that sends them far from home; learning to fight, uncovering hidden gifts and battling villains. 

Unwoven is set eighteen months later, back in their quiet home town, and Karl and Esther are not talking to each other any longer. On the night that Esther’s sister is throwing her engagement party, trouble rides into the quiet town and what follows throws the teenagers back together; one in pursuit of an ongoing mystery and one on the hunt for revenge. 

Their adventure takes them riding across the country and sailing overseas, trying to piece together a riddle from a dead man. The adventure ahead of them seems even more challenging than the last, and equally even more dangerous. I was hooked into this book even more than the first one. 

For me, Tethers set up the characters and the premise, and Unwoven is action packed and thrilling. Esther is still my favourite character; she has all the elements of a kick-ass, feisty heroine that I adore in a female lead. I felt Karl took a bit more of a back seat in this story, although maybe he’ll come into his own in the last book....! 

I thought the first book was had a lot of steampunk elements, as well as historical. I found Unwoven to be a much more historical themed book, making the tale more traditional and grounded. The characters are all well developed; I like that the good guys are honest and brave, and the villains are wonderfully dastardly! 

Full of action and intrigue, I raced through Unwoven and it will definitely leave you in anticipation for the last book! A great read for YA and historical readers.

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