Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Never Saw It Coming by Linwood Barclay

Crime fiction is a staple in my household. I’ve grown up with all manner of crime writers on the shelves and so I’m not a stranger to one Mr Linwood Barclay. My mother bought this book ages ago and after recently rediscovering it, insisted I read it as soon as possible! 

With such praise as that, I find it hard to resist for too long! Keisha Ceylon in a phony psychic. She studies the news for stories of missing people, and then approaches the family with claims of visions and offers her services, with a hefty price tag attached. 

Her next target is a man whose wife has gone missing. Her disappearance is completely out of character and she has left behind her doting husband and pregnant daughter. 

After seeing his TV appeal, Keisha visits the man claiming she has had glimpses as to where his missing wife may be. As Keisha spins her yarn of supposed visions, what she has to say is a little too close to the truth which ends up putting her in grave danger.

I always love that with a Linwood Barclay novel there is always a well-written interesting storyline that you race to see how it plays out. There are no gimmicks, no glaring obvious red herrings or plots so twisted you end up dizzy. Just simple yet clever writing with substantial characters, all of which have a part to play, and solid storylines that keep you engaged. 

I loved the idea of the con artist psychic having her so call gifts finally pay off but in the wrong way. Karma in its deadliest form. You would think Keisha would be the villain of the piece straight away, but as you uncover her story and as she uncovers a darker story that could get her killed, you end up kind of rooting for her as there are even worse people than she in the world. 

An interesting subject choice that is thrilling from the word go, Never Saw It Coming is an exciting and satisfying crime read from a talented storyteller. 

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