Sunday, 28 September 2014

Two Year Blogoversary!

So it’s been two years since I created and first posted to Bookshelf Butterfly and since my one year anniversary post, I’ve had a rollercoaster of year!

I started a new full time job at the end of last September and found that the long days really affect my reading. On top of an active social life I have found it quite difficult at times to keep up with reading and regular posts. 

My passion for reading or blogging hasn’t ebbed and I try not to be too hard on myself if I’m behind on posts; I don’t want it to become like homework or a chore and I have to face the fact that sometimes life just gets in the way. 

However, once again I’ve been so lucky to review some fantastic books. I’ve had quite an obsession with historical fiction this year; I love history anyway and hist-fic is fast becoming a favourite genre! I’m still enjoying trying reads that I wouldn’t initially pick for myself and trying to be more adventurous with my book choices. 

I’ve continued to build good relationships with other bloggers, readers and people in the publishing industry which I am so grateful for and it makes the blogging and reviewing much more interesting and sociable. One thing I haven’t managed to do much of is attend bookish events such as launches, talks and literary festivals. There have been invites and opportunities but I’ve found it hard with the hours I work to make it. So one aim I have for the future is to try and attend more book events. If anyone knows of any let me know! 

As well as some great reads and plenty to say about them, I’ve also started expanding my Features page as an addition to all the reviews, and I hope to keep adding fresh things as I go along. I’m finding that as I expand my literary horizons, I’m even more vocal with friends and family about giving book recommendations which is lots of fun. My mother is also a voracious reader. We often swap books and have long and I even got her to write her own review for the blog under pen-name Mother Butterfly, which she really enjoyed. 

I think the blog is doing well although I’m always hoping for more comments and feedback. I have plenty of great conversations on social media and would love to transmit some of that onto the blog. So despite being crazy busy, I’ve had a good year of books and I know what areas I want to add to and things I want to achieve.

Once again I’d like to thank all the publishers who keep me updated with book news and review copies and for all the readers and bloggers who take the time to read my posts, make comments or even just say hi. I really do welcome contact with other bookworms and I would definitely like to hear from you to share the love of books and blogging!

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