Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Firefight by Brandon Sanderson

“Where there are villains, there will be heroes.”

Wow! Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, the latest Reckoner novel blew the last one out of the water! October last year was when I first discovered Steelheart and the amazing world that Brandon Sanderson created where an unexplained event created Epics; people with superpowers who can’t help but try and dominate, rule and often kill ordinary humans. 

This in turn produced the group known as The Reckoners, ordinary people who have banded together to work out the Epics’ weaknesses (as they all have one that is their downfall) and use them to assassinate them for the greater good. I even got a little closer to the action with bridging novella Mitosis which kept me going until I could read Firefight. 

Steelheart introduced the whole world of Epics and non-Epics and we met David, whose sole aim in life was to take down the Epic tyrant Steelheart who had murdered his father. After achieving that aim, it seemed as though David was at a loss with what to do with himself, but with the loss of one super-powered dictator, there will always be others to take up the mantle. 

David and the Reckoners find themselves against their most perilous enemy yet; a powerful Epic named Regalia who not only has incredible powers of her own, but has also recruited some of the most dangerous Epics known to work for her. 

David is such a likeable character. He’s clever, passionate and kind hearted although his bold actions can often out him and others in danger more than help. I love that alongside the main storyline and in the midst of the all the chaos, he is still on the search for the perfect metaphor/simile as he is so rubbish at verbal comparisons, but with funny consequence. Some of my personal favourites include, “As black as a grape at midnight” and “I’ll be as quiet as a buttered snail through a Frenchman’s kitchen.” 

I particularly enjoyed the original imagery in this novel, especially the submerged city that came to life at night with glowing paint. If this were ever to be adapted for screen, those scenes have the potential for surreal beauty. 

With new challenges posed to David and his friends, we learn so much more about Epics, their creation and their weaknesses. This was not only fascinating but it also blurred the lines between what constitutes the roles of good vs bad which really makes you think as well as whetting the appetite for further information. 

As well as an action packed storyline and seriously likeable characters, the overall tale is far from predictable with plenty of shocks, twists and turns that you never see coming. A seriously fun and thrilling read Firefight is an accomplished addition to what is fast becoming a favourite series of mine. Perfect for fans of X-Men and superhero, sci-fi and adventure fiction. 

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