Friday, 21 August 2015

Rooftop Book Club #1

Wednesday the 19th of August saw Headline and Book Ends in partnership with James Villas present the first ever Rooftop Book Club. With the theme of food and travel, authors Tasmina Perry, Stella Newman and Jo Thomas, were there to talk about their new books and were interviewed by Isabelle Broom from Heat Magazine

The venue was Carmelite House on Victoria Embankment. It’s a stunning new building and even though it rained in the end, the views were still amazing. Anyway, back to the books. After grabbing my goodie bag and cocktail, and mingling with some fellow book fans , I settled in for the talk.

Tasmina Perry spoke about her new book The Proposal, a story of love and secrets set in 1950s London in Debutante Season and modern day Manhattan. Tasmina mentioned that she liked the dynamic of a younger person learning from someone older and wiser, and with that old/young dynamic, the older person also gets a second lease of life. 

With a few career changes, Tasmina said that journalism opened many doors for her, especially regarding travel, which is something she wanted to share with her readers. 

I recently read, reviewed (and loved) The Dish by Stella Newman who spoke about her love for food and how this comes through in her books. Stella has held jobs in the food industry and all of her books have a leading character who is some kind of food professional to get a different perception of food. 

In The Dish, an anonymous food critic gets more than she bargained for when she falls for the chef of the restaurant she hates.  For me, after enjoying the mouth-watering delights of The Dish, I’m excited to read Stella’s other tasty offerings!

Jo Thomas said that when she travels, she likes to find the food identity of the place and this becomes the focal point of writing a book. Food, love and family feature in Jo’s latest novel The Olive Branch which is set in Italy. 

Jo says that “Food is a an expression of love” and I think she is totally right with this statement and I look forward to seeing how that sentiment is portrayed in her writing.

All the authors spoke about their love for food and also about travel. They have all been to some amazing sounding places; Tasmina’s digital-detox in Utah sounded very cool, Stella’s foodie getaways to Paris sounded like foodie heaven and Jo’s Italian adventure is definitely on my bucket list.

With the Rooftop Book Club ticket, you got to choose one of the three novels to have in your goodie bag. Having already read The Dish, I chose The Proposal, but after hearing just as many good things about The Olive Branch, I had to buy the book on the night to complete the set!
After the brilliant talks and Q&A session, I got to meet Jo and Tasmina to get my books signed (Stella, who celebrated her birthday that night, was much in demand!). All the ladies were so friendly and genuinely funny and I really cannot wait to get stuck in to all of their books.

Despite the rain, I managed to grab a few pics of the amazing view and shoot a little video too! It was a great evening filled with fun, bookish talk in a lovely location and I can’t wait to see what the next event has in store. For all tweets, photos and news on this event, check out #RooftopBookClub. 

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