Friday, 11 September 2015

The Hunt by T.J. Lebbon

Just as I bought this book, Channel 4 started running ads for a TV programme called Hunted where real life people are tracked down by professional hunters. The first episode was last night and it was so intense and this novel is equally as exciting. 

The Hunt also has the theme of hunting (as if you couldn't tell!) but the end game is that you are killed for sport. 

Fitness fanatic Chris returns from his morning run to find that his wife and two daughters have been abducted. He soon learns that a dangerous organisation known as The Trail have orchestrated a deadly hunt in which he is the prey for rich, twisted people to track and kill. He must participate and run or else his family will be executed. 

Unable to believe what is happening, he meets Rose, the only known survivor of The Trail who uses Chris in her own plot for revenge against the people that killed her innocent family. There’s no time to prepare yourself, as things happen hard and fast. 

Chris is an ordinary guy and his world is suddenly turned upside down leaving him almost helpless and unknowing who to trust. His averageness makes him so easy to sympathise with as he is in one of those situations where you never really know how you would react unless faced with it – which given the brutality of the premise is something you could never conceive of happening to you.

Seeing the hunt from both Chris and Rose’s perspectives, one newbie and one more in the know, adds lots of drama and pace to the story and you learn lots about each character, and also a little of the powerful organisation they are up against. 

As Chris sets off on the run of his life through the Welsh wilderness, you can almost share his emotions and his exhaustion as he pushes himself beyond his limits in the hope of saving his family. Fitness fans will definitely recognise what Chris goes through and everyone can sympathise with the lengths that both characters push themselves in the face of life or death. 

There is plenty of violence and gore, which is integral to the story and also great descriptions of the wild Welsh environment Chris is being tracked through. 

This story is well paced, intense and so gripping that you will race through the pages as if your life depended on it! The Hunt is a thrilling rollercoaster ride of a read that will have you on the edge of your seat right through to the end.   

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