Friday, 9 October 2015

Déjà Vu by Ian Hocking

In the year 2023, weary European detective Saskia Brandt returns from a holiday to find her receptionist dead and herself in the frame, with little time to clear her name. What she uncovers about the crime and herself change her outlook in ways she cannot yet imagine. 

In England, academic David Proctor’s world is rocked when an unexpected phone call and visitor send him on a journey to his former employment, which was also the location of his wife’s untimely death. Overseas, David’s genius daughter Jennifer is finishing work on the ground-breaking Déjà Vu project that will change the course of human history forever. 

Their three lives are interlinked in a perilous race against time to follow the clues and solve the mystery they have unwittingly been caught up in. That is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to describing this story, and there is so much more for eager readers to uncover. 

The futuristic world of advanced technology, digital gadgets and cutting edge science that Ian Hocking has created is brilliant but also a little scary and unnerving. The power that some of the characters and organisations hold and the technology they have access to is quite daunting! I confess; I didn’t understand everything when it got really technical but it sounded bloody brilliant! 

This book is also part crime fiction novel, with several overlapping investigations taking place throughout the story, with different organisations involved. There were also some mythology references mixed in to the story which I particularly enjoyed too. I really liked the character of David Proctor; he is set on a crazy path fraught with danger and yet he is still clever, collected and retains his humour. Saskia is a hardy heroine and the more that is uncovered about her, the more you understand her and her role in the story. 

The convoluted plotline is intelligent to say the least, but also detailed and action packed. The second half gets quite exciting and I didn’t want to put it down! With the elements of time travel and identity, your brain will be doing mental gymnastics thinking back on the clues as the story overlaps itself. You can’t get bored reading this; you’ll be too busy trying to stay one step ahead of the characters! 

Riveting, complex and devilishly clever, Déjà Vu is a fantastic read for any sci-fi fan that wants an exciting read that is out of the ordinary. 

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