Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Top 5 Crime Detectives by Mother Butterfly

Mother Butterfly is a big crime fiction fan since way before I was born and so who better to contribute to crime week than a veteran mystery and thriller reader! In the first of two posts from her this week, she has compiled list of some her favourite crime investigators.

1.)      Dr. Temperance Brennan – author Kathy Reichs.  Dr. Brennan is a forensic anthropologist, working in Canada and occasionally in the US.  She is constantly called in to help the various police departments with unsolved and sometimes very old crimes.   I really enjoy these books as they are fast paced and often gory and exciting.  There are lots of books in the series and although you don’t have to read them in order it does help to get Brennan’s life story in order so you can see where she is coming from. 

2.)      Alex Cross – author James Patterson.  The Alex Cross books are very exciting to read and the author brings Alex Cross and his family to life in his writing.  Cross is a very human character, doing his best for his family as well as his work with both sometimes clashing badly.  As in the books mentioned above, you can read these as one off’s but if you can get them in order it does help with getting the hang of Cross’ family life.

3.)      Kay Scarpetta – author Patricia Cornwall.   Kay Scarpetta is a strong female character who battles with both her superiors and her subordinates on the police force.   Scarpetta’s personal life is often in turmoil which makes her job that bit more difficult.  Ms Cornwall has written many books and lots about Kay Scarpetta.  They are quite complex at times but a must for any detective novel fans.

4.)      Lincoln Rhyme –  author Jeffrey Deaver.  The Lincoln Rhyme books are often clever and complex.  They are very exciting as are most of Jeffrey Deaver’s books  and can be read as a one off as each story is a stand alone.  Lincoln Rhyme is a very clever individual and is able to guide his protégés through cases in an effective manner to solve the crimes.  Very enjoyable reads.

5.)      Precious Ramotswe – author Alexander McCall Smith.  These lovely books are set in Botswana and are in their way quite gentle as is Precious herself.  Make no mistake though she is a good detective and is able to think outside the box.  I found these very interesting as they explain a lot about the culture in Botswana and the neighbouring counties of Africa.  The have been several books about Precious and her “No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency” and I heartily recommend them for a change of pace.

6.)      Elouise Norton – author Rachel Howzell Hall.  This is my sixth offering in the list and as Ms Hall has only written two books as yet, this is my “One to Watch”.  The books are very good, exciting and full of interesting characters.  Elouise Norton’s character is flawed, passionate and dedicated - a very human detective.  Hopefully there will be many more books in this series to come.

Do you agree with the choices, or is there a literary detective you would add? We would love to hear from you in the comments section below.


  1. If you think those are the top ten then you need to be introduced to some better crime novels! I prefer (with a couple of exceptions) only official cops as my heroes, here's my top ten:

    1. Jan Fabel (by Craig Russell)
    2. Çetin Ikmen (Barbara Nadel)
    3. Janusz Kiszka (Anya Lipska)
    4. Harry Hole (Jo Nesbo)
    5. John Carlyle (James Craig)
    6. Lacey Flint (Sharon Bolton)
    7. Thorà Gudmundsdottír (Yrsa Sigurdardottir)
    8. Carl Mørck (Jussi Adler Olsen)
    9. Nick Belsey (Oliver Harris)
    10. Aector McAvoy (David Mark)

    Tweet me if you fancy any more proper recommendations! @SMcClay29

    1. Some interesting choices you have there. Everybody has their own taste in books and here detectives is used not just for official police. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.