Friday, 11 December 2015

Cracked by Barbra Leslie

I wasn’t too sure what to expect from this novel after reading that the narrator is a wayward crack addict (‘Stephanie Plum meets Breaking Bad’ says the press release) but with sex, murder and crime thrills in store and lots of praise from other reviewers, I just couldn’t let this novel pass me by. 

After her marriage to the love of her life breaks down, nice girl Danny Cleary gets caught up in the world of drugs, developing a habit for crack cocaine which pushes her away from her family, loses her friends and empties her bank balance. 

Danny’s twin sister Ginger is her polar opposite; happy and healthy she lives the American dream in California with her successful husband and their two sons. 

When Danny hears the inconceivable news that Ginger has taken her own life – in a seedy motel with drugs involved no less – her world crumbles more than she thought possible. But when the investigation changes from suicide to murder, Danny becomes determined to track down the people involved in her beloved sister’s death, if only she can stay off the drugs for long enough. 

Danny as a narrator and lead character has an interesting past, present and no doubt future which makes you want to keep reading. She has a wicked sense of humour, a good relationship with her siblings and despite all her problems and bad decision making, you can’t help but like her. Her situation is certainly unique, even more so once all the mysteries behind the crimes begin to unravel. 

For starters, losing not just a sibling but a twin at that is unthinkable. I’m a twin myself and as different as we are, the thought of losing her, especially to something as heinous as murder is something I could never even begin to comprehend, and I seriously doubt I would show as much strength and determination as Danny does in this story (although maybe some of that is the drugs). 

Plenty of crime for all the crime fiction readers here; on top of murder there is violence, drug use, fraud, kidnapping and countless other illegal misdemeanours that are crammed into the story. But alongside the criminal theme, there is also a great sense of family and the lengths people can go to for the ones they love. 

Thrilling and seriously good fun, Cracked is every bit as addictive as I heard it would be and I will happily add the Danny Cleary novels to my continuing book habit. 

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