Monday, 7 March 2016

Calamity by Brandon Sanderson

Calamity is the final instalment of the Reckoners trilogy, so if you have yet to try out this awesome sci-fi fantasy series then do check out my review of the first two books Steelheart and Firefight which will give you a little taste of what you are in for.

Without giving too much away, this last book sees David and his team planning to take down their former leader Prof who has gone rogue. Being so dangerous, the most logical thing to do would be to just assassinate him, but David cannot stand the thought of killing his former mentor and friend and desperately tries to think of a way to stop Prof destroying the city that doesn’t end in death.

The world-building in this series is first rate and one of my favourite aspects of these novels is the imaginative settings where the action takes place. In Steelheart there was the city turned to steel with a complex network of underground tunnels below. Then in Firefight there was the flooded city with rooftop dwellings, bridges and neon paint.

Calamity sees the group go to a city made entirely of salt which disintegrates and re-grows as it travels. I enjoyed the idea of the salt crystals blooming into new formations before your eyes and it gave great mental imagery, especially for the fight scenes.

Of course, another super inventive part is the different powers the Epics have and the technology derived from them. We meet new Epics in this story, with weird and wonderful abilities that are fun to read about and add that little something extra to fight scenes.

With a big battle eminent, we also see Megan of the Reckoners push her powers to the limit and as the group try to uncover the secrets to banishing the darkness gifted with the powers, what they really find out has unimaginable consequences for everyone.

David is once again lead in the story, but I found that I’d fallen out of favour with his character. Where I once enjoyed his limitless knowledge, eager geekery and enthusiasm, I just found him to be stupidly reckless and annoying in this book, and it was the other characters around him that I came to appreciate more as they placed all their faith and trust into his slapdash plans and ideas. Not to say that he detracted anything from the story for me, but that was just my overall thought about him.

There are so many twists and turns as well as unrelenting action and I think this last book is probably the most gripping. Detailed, entertaining and stunningly imaginative, Calamity and the Reckoners series as a whole are unmissable superhero stories from one of the most talented writers in this genre. 

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