Sunday, 24 April 2016

Mile High by Rebecca Chance

I’ve read and reviewed a few novels by Rebecca Chance before now and after having Mile High sitting on my Kindle for ages, I took some time out recently to get stuck in to another of her sizzling thrillers. 

Pure Air’s brand new luxury plane is making its inaugural flight from London to LA and the first class cabin is packed with celebrities. World famous pop star Catalina is the biggest VIP on board and despite battling to overcome a recent heartbreak, she has no idea that the deranged stalker she thought she had left behind is closer than she could imagine and will go to any lengths to satisfy their needs. 

Also among the elite list is naughty celebrity chef Danny with his eye on more than the in-flight food, Hollywood actress Jane with her own secrets to conceal and the CEO of PureAir Lord Tony who is hoping that everything goes without a hitch but has no idea of the antics that are about to take place. 

I’m sure I’ve said it before but one of the things I enjoy most about Rebecca Chance’s books are how glamorous they are; from the characters’ appearance and fashion sense to the luxurious locations and settings. 

I’ve not yet had the pleasure of first class air travel so I was wrapped up in the sumptuous details of the LuxeLiner flight where every tiny detail from the food, to the fixtures and fittings of the plane are so highly thought out for maximum comfort and indulgence of the passengers. Alongside the glamour, there is of course plenty of sex. 

With some spoilt high-flyers and an attractive air crew to look after them, there is plenty of opportunity for some sordid on-board antics. The novel tells of the LuxeLiner flight but also goes back in time to some of the characters’ lives leading up towards the eventful flight so there is plenty of sex and drama to keep you reading there too. I always find myself learning something new from every Chance novel I read and this one was no different! 

With her signature glamour and sex, there is also a gripping thriller with the role of the sinister stalker slowly seeing their carefully laid plans through to fruition. There are plenty of suspects on the flight and with subtle hints and misdirection, the reader is kept guessing right up until the end. Thoroughly researched and packed with alluring action, Mile High is racy, pacy read from a supremely talented author. 

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